About Iris

Corporate Profile

Iris Computers is India's leading IT Hardware and Telecom distributor, incorporated in the year 1996, acquired by Inflexionpoint Acquisition Corporation in the year 2013. Headquartered in New Delhi, Iris has over 35 billing locations across the country, all of which are full - fledged offices with sales, operations and finance team to support Iris' channel partners in fulfilling their customer orders. Iris supplies high end server and storage products all the way to individual desktop hard drives through a robust network of over 6000 channel partners, aggregators, regional distributors, large format retailers & large SI partners.

Iris' proficiencies in distribution are better logistics, efficiently monitored inventory management, flexible credit financing for dealers, national channel reach and excellent reseller account management. Since inception Iris has been introducing new hardware products and technological solutions to its channel partners across the country. Over the years Iris has formed strong partnerships with world reputed IT vendors to distribute their products and create a market for their products & solutions.

A continuous effort is made to keep augmenting product lines to make sure that IT channel partners have easy access to new technologies and they are able to address maximum IT requirements from their customers.

The company's business continues to evolve based on ever-changing market conditions. Willingness to embrace change and dynamism is the key to Iris' continued success.